Jul 18, 2013

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To all my clients/patients:

There is a new weight loss medication called Belviq that was approved last year by the FDA for weight loss and maintenance. The medication is called Belviq. It is taken twice daily (before breakfast and before dinner).

Last night, I had a chance to read a Phase 3 clinical trial that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. A Phase 3 Clinical trial is a study that confirms that a drug works and is safe when compared to placebo. It showed that patients taking Belviq lost a significant amount of weight when compared to people who were taking placebo (fake or sugar pills). The trial was blinded to both researcher and patient. In other words, neither the doctors nor the patient knew what medication they were taking until the clinical study was over.

I have a free two week trial and savings cards for anyone interested in trying Belviq. As you all know, my program is not about starving yourself, drinking shakes or fake drugs like HCG. It’s about changes in behaviors, eating habits and lifestyle change. In order to be successful (and to keep the weight off), you must change your habits. Behavioral change is my focus every time we meet. Please feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions.