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Good job Karla H.


You lost 16 pounds your first month!! Keep up the good work. See you next month. Dr. T

Congrats Casey T !!!


Just saw you today. You lost 19 pounds in a little over a month. Great job.

Great job Heather W !


You Lost 21 pounds in two weeks using your food diary! Great job.

Way to go MB. I knew you could do it!


I remember the first couple of times you came to see me. You weighed 180 and were skeptical about losing weight. You said there was “no way” you could lose any weight. I saw you yesterday for follow-up. You now weigh 137 and look fantastic! Great job. See you next time. Dr. T.

I kind of exercise whenever it fits. Sometimes morning sometimes at night. Will that be ok? or should I pick a time of day and stick with it?


Sure, that’s fine. We are all very busy people with jobs, kids, chores and so many other responsibilities. Inevitably, things come up and we may not be able to workout at a certain time. Therefore, its important to be flexible. Exercise whenever you have time, its convenient or have an opportunity. Sometimes you might be too tired from the days activities. In that case, you can either exercise for 15 minutes (instead of 30 minutes) or take a nap and exercise later. Thank you for posting a question.

Good job TM!


Thus far, you have lost 40 pounds! You have developed new (healthier) eating habits. I think portion control has made a big difference. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you next time.

Hungry in between meals


Remember to have a game plan for when you get hungry in between meals. Many of you have heard me say “availability is key.” For example, it’s important to have fresh fruits (i.e. for a fresh fruit smoothie), beef jerky, almonds, cottage cheese, string cheese, salad, eggs, whole grain wheat thins, low fat (low sugar) yogurt etc. available when you get hungry and need a snack. Satisfying your hunger and/or cravings with healthy choices sets you up for success (and healthier eating habits).

Also, when you desire food ask yourself, “am I hungry or am I searching for food for some other reason?” Other “reasons” include stress, boredom, anxiety etc. If you are looking for food for reasons other than hunger, catch yourself and accept your emotion or state of mind as being part of everyday life. Find some other way to satisfy “your need.” It’s not as hard as you may think. But, developing this skill takes practice.

Until next time, keep up the good work!!!

Good job CW


You lost 18 pounds your first month!! Keep up the good work minimzing those carbohydrates and using your food diary. By cutting back on carbs, you lose a lot of water weight and burn calories. I knew you lost weight when I saw your face (a lot skinnier!). Can’t wait to see what you do next month.

Good job SA !


So far, you have lost 45 pounds. You are doing a great job planning your meals and using your food diary, averaging 1200 Cal per day. You avoid sweets because they tend to trigger cravings for carbohydrates. Keep up the good work and look forward to next visit. Dr. T.



Hello Everyone:

You all know that cutting back on carbohydrates is a big part of my weight loss program. Remember that carbohydrates are the breads, pastas and cereals. The complex carbohydrates are chips, baked potatoes, french fries, etc. The simple carbohydrates are cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream etc.

By reducing your carbohydrates, you will lose fat and lots of water weight. Furthermore, heart function, blood sugar and blood pressure improve significantly.

Check out my BLOG for more helpful reminders.