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Staying thin after weight loss


I have noticed that a patient’s main problem in not regaining the weight (after significant weight loss) is not ignorance of healthy eating or of the health benefits of physical activity; rather it is an issue of establishing new routines, solving practical problems, and changing a pattern of emotional eating. This is why I emphasize the importance of changing behaviors, creating new habits, learning to cope with stress and find solutions to their everyday problems. Expecting weight maintenance from a patient without including it in my weight reduction program is like expecting somebody to perform the lead part in Swan Lake by giving them a pair of ballet shoes but no training.

Stay focused on your goals!


As you work on making better food choices and portion control, always remember your WHY. Many of you remember your first visit with me when I asked, “What are your three most important reasons for losing weight? How important is it for you to lose weight? Why did you start this journey in the first place?

Let those reasons drive you. Remember that looking and feeling great is way better than any item of food could possibly taste. Know that you are capable of losing weight for good and realizing your full potential in weight loss — and every other aspect of your life.

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Hi SA!


Congratulations SA ! So far, you have lost 35 pounds! You have definitely changed your eating habits for the better. Lets keep working on making exercise part of your weekly routine. Keep up the great work and I look forward to next month.