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Carbohydrates are the worst type of food when you are trying to lose weight. When compared to other medical diets (e.g low fat, portion control, etc), the low carbohydrate diets appear to be the best. The unhealthy carbohydrates include bread, pasta, potato, french fries chips, rice, tortilla chips, etc. The Simple carbohydrates are even worse for your health. These includes the simple sugars found in soda, alcohol, candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, brownies etc. The good carbohydrates are found in fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates cause increase in water retention (swollen hands and feet), blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin, pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. Furthermore, a diet high in unhealthy carbohydrates cause a feeling of low energy and fatigue.

Successful weight loss diets include foods high in protein, fiber and good carbohydrates. Examples of these foods include chicken, turkey, ham, eggs, cheese, milk, fish, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.