Many of my clients are able to dramatically change their eating habits by using MyFitnessPal or some other type of food diary. However, exercising is another matter. There are situations that interfere or prevent people from establishing an exercise routine. Here are some examples:

1. Physical limitations (e.g arthritis, back problems, knee or foot pain)

2. Fatigue

3. Exercise is disliked

4. A vicious cycle of decreased physical activity and increased obesity, which prevents physical activity.

5. Overcommitted schedule

6. Travel

7. House guests

8. Poor access to workout locations.

Here are some tips to help encourage movement or exercise:

1. Try new modes of activity that are safe and possible given current physical ability (water aerobics  and Nordic walking are two examples of physical activity appreciated by overweight and obese people)

2. Ask for help from an exercise specialist or work with a trainer to identify appropriate activities.

3. Find an activity that is fun and easily works into your daily schedule.

4. Exercise is a time committment. Therefore find something that is easily accessible and convenient.