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Brandy K.

I would highly recommend Dr. Tapia and his staff to others. Not only is he a great OB-GYN doctor but he offers a weight loss program to help you get back to your ideal body weight before having children. He helped me to lose 40 lbs after delivering my second child. He is very positive, supportive and great with making you feel comfortable. He is always happy to answer any question you might have. Dr. Tapia has been my doctor for 10 years and I wouldn’t think of changing doctors.

Lindsey S.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Tapia to any first time mothers. He is great at making you feel comfortable. He is always very helpful with any questions you might have and never passes any judgement. His positive attitude helps you relax and feel free to ask anything. He was highly recommended when I first heard of him and I would never think of using a different doctor.


I saw Dr. Tapia after my husband and I had our second child. I had a close friend who saw Dr. Tapia, and she looks amazing. I hadn’t lost any of my baby weight, in fact I gained more. I was tired of feeling, well…gross. I was tired, crabby, and I just did not feel good about myself. I was ready to make a lifestyle change (and that’s exactly what it is) and do better. Dr. Tapia was very understanding, and answered questions I had. The first month was tricky, because I was altering everything I ate, and when. But, again, I was willing to do anything to change, especially since I was considered borderline diabetic, because my weight was 12 pounds away from 250. The second month, I started going to the gym, doing the classes, and meeting a fabulous support team beyond my home. There were women there just like me who have had weight issues, and they go to be healthy, and to get the quality ‘ME’ time that we all deserve. So, now I just go to the gym to get a good sweat, to catch up with friends, listen to music (on the ipod), and to get my ‘ME’ time. I feel the app that documents everything you eat works wonders. It’s so easy, and you learn as you go. I have lost almost 70 pounds in seven months. I feel amazing, I am more active with my children, I don’t fear shopping for clothes anymore, and of course my marriage with my husband has also gotten stronger. I am a better ME, because of Dr. Tapia.

Julie G.

A co-worker told me about Dr. Tapia’s Health Smart Weight Loss program. I was so excited because I had a lot of weight to lose and Dr. Tapia’s program was exactly what I needed. I had been heavy all of my life and had tried every diet on the market but I was never successful. With Dr. Tapia’s program, I have been successful at losing almost 75 pounds in eight months – a healthy 2 to 3 pounds a week average. My initial blood work showed high blood sugar levels and after losing all this weight I feel great and I feel like I am no longer at risk for diabetes.

Dr. Tapia is educated and experienced in the psychology of weight loss, overall health, behavior modification, proper nutrition and exercise, and he has worked with me in all these areas. The Health Smart Weight Loss program is an all inclusive healthy weight loss program and with the help of weight loss medications (I haven’t felt any side effects and I’m constantly amazed that the hunger pains along with and cravings have totally ceased), Dr. Tapia’s program really works. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to successfully lose weight.

My journey has been not only a physical transformation for me, it has be a lifestyle change which has lead me to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. Dr. Tapia has helped me to realize how my prior food choice/behavior adversely effected me physically and emotionally. He provided me with information on nutrition, helped me to help me make healthy nutritious food choices from a regular grocery store and he has offered suggestions for a personalized exercise programs which has resulted in a quick weight loss and ultimately a life style change. Dr. Tapia’s website has a great blog and I love the emails I get from him on a regular basis. His emails are loaded with information, tips, and encouragement. Thank you Dr. Tapia.

Dr. Tapia meets with me one-on-one and he takes all the time I need. He is always so compassionate, positive, supportive, encouraging and is a wealth of information on both nutrition and exercise. Last month I had a lot of challenges resulting in less weight loss than I was shooting for and I really appreciated Dr. Tapia’s approach. He didn’t tell me where I fell short or what I needed to do. Dr. Tapia asked me all the right questions. Questions so that I could figure things out on my own; I could identify my challenges, I could come up with the solutions, with his encouragement of how far I’d come then I could get back on track. And then with his help I could reset my goals. He pointed out my successes so far and he set me up so I could work through the challenge I will inevitable face in the future. With Dr. Tapia’s help, with him sharing his knowledge on overall health, behavior modification, proper nutrition and exercise, I am confident that I can achieve my goal weight and maintain that in the future.

Dr. Tapia’s program is convenient. He’s taught me to make good food choices at the grocery store, develop an exercise program that fits my need and he has onsite dispensing of meds. All together I was able to quickly lose weight, make positive life style changes and his office is close to St. Louis. DR. TAPIA’S WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM IS AFFORDABLE AND IT WORKS.